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Our goal is to help kids learn how to solve a problem, and not to just give them the answer. We want to create thinkers… the visionaries of tomorrow are growing up today. Our impact on them will mold them into the leaders of the future! We accomplish this by providing resources to parents.


Crowdfunding Campaign Coming Soon!

IGG_Logo_Frame_GOgenta_RGBWe want to provide parents with resources to help their children with their education; homework, college prep, fun educational games, and so much more… AND we want to have it available FAST, so we are launching a crowdfunding campaign.

We have so many perks lined up for our donors, we think it’s going to lot’s of fun! Check back here and we will let you know when it is live. :)

We provide resources for parents to create critical thinking children
who can come up with their own answers.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act – Marketing Gone Wrong…

This article shows very clearly why the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act is so important for our children.  In this Forbes article, my friend, Cheryl Conner mentions several PR/marketing campaigns gone wrong – including the Topps Company (maker of the “Ring Pops” jewel-shaped candy on a plastic ring) who made national headlines when they invited…


The Power of Words

Words are very powerful, used correctly they become magic.  While this video was created to sell content writing – it’s message is simple and it has some amazing results. Watch it for a bit of inspiraion today and think about how you use your words…     Change your words, change your life – Ellen…